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Palazzo Valentini: Roman Domus

The redevelopment of the archaeological excavations of Palazzo Valentini, continued in recent years with a project entirely curated by art historians, archaeologists and architects, has proved of great importance, because of the importance covered in Roman times the area, and because the discoveries possible to reconstruct an important part of the topography of the ancient and medieval city of Rome.

The fascinating journey through the remains of "Domus" patrician imperial age, belonging to powerful families of the time, perhaps senators, with mosaics, wall art, polychrome floors, pavements, and other artifacts, is supported by a redevelopment project managed by Piero Angela and a team of technicians and experts, such as Paco Lanciano and Gaetano Capasso, who gave new life to the testimonies of the past through virtual reconstructions, graphics and movies.

Through a virtual reconstruction, light, sound effects and projections, the visitor will be "reborn" walls, rooms, peristyle, spas, salons, decorations, kitchens, furniture of the "Domus" patrician imperial age.

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