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Akbar. The great emperor of India

Sponsored by the Rome Foundation and organized by the Fondazione Roma-Art-Museums, the exhibition Akbar. The Great Emperor of India (Umarkot, 1542 - Agra, 1605), is dedicated to one of the most enlightened rulers in history. An exhibition ever made in Italy first and unique in the world for the number of works submitted and temporal completeness.

A group of over 130 extraordinary works tells the era of Akbar "The Great", a ruler who, despite his illiteracy, promoted the cultural patronage, developed the architecture and urbanism, promoted tolerance and religious syncretism.

Divided into five sections, the exhibition evokes the historical and social environment of the time and the wonderful splendor of the Mughal court, through paintings, book illustrations, rare carpets, weapons and studded with precious stones.

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