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Carnival 2013 in Rome

For the fifth consecutive year, the Roman Carnival kicks off its festivities with the inaugural Big Parade. Equestrian artists and actors of the Commedia dell'arte, cowboys and costumed parade on foot, on horseback or on carts in the long procession from Piazza del Popolo will travel via del Corso, the ancient Via Lata, to touch the two main places that have framed the great Renaissance Carnival celebrations.

With the artists of the show "The Horses of Rome" to life the various historical pictures of the parade, from the Pope returned to Rome on Mula White, the Barbary, Nobles, Ladies, the Carriages. Particular attention will be directed to the bicentenary of the birth of Giuseppe Verdi: some pictures of the parade, with the clever use of the customs of the Rome Opera House, will be inspired by the most important works of the great Italian composer.

The Great inaugural parade is curated by Alessandro Wages, president of the Theatre Equestre.

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