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Roma Caput Mundi - A city between domination and integration

The Superintendence for Cultural Heritage of Rome tells for the first time, through an exhibition, the expansion history of political and cultural ancient Rome. An ambitious project, unprecedented, which explores two aspects - domain and integration - in order to convey to the general public a multifaceted vision of the Roman world.

The exhibition "Roma caput mundi. A city between domination and integration" intended to capture the richness and variety of a story "unique" especially for its harmonic contradictions. The Colosseum, the Curia Julia and the Temple of Divus Romulus in the Roman Forum, are the sites that make up the exhibition: the origins of Rome to conquer Italy and the provinces, cultural and religious influences, slavery and ethnic, ancient and modern visions.

There are more than one hundred works chosen to tell a complex and fascinating history, still perceived by the widespread collective imagination - in Italy as in the rest of the world - according to stereotypes recurrent, heavily influenced by ideologies and political experiences of age contemporary (from the French Revolution to Fascism).

This phenomenon is a reflection of the immediate historical novels and especially in the cinema, which is dedicated a whole section: the Romans are regularly represented as a people violent, sadistic, racist, no reasons other than exercise and strengthening their domain, the exploitation of other nations, the suppression of political dissent and religions dissonant.

Until March 10, 2013 at Archaeological Area Roman Forum / Palatine Coliseum Flavian Amphitheatre - Further information here