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Augusto - Scuderie del Quirinale

Organized on the occasion of the two thousandth anniversary of the death (August 19, 14 AD), the exhibition presents the stages of the dazzling personal history of Augustus in parallel to the emergence of a new historical epoch. Adopted son and great-grandson of Caesar Augustus was a character with tremendous charisma and political intuition.

He succeeded where he had failed even Caesar, to put an end to decades of bloody infighting that had consumed the Roman Republic and usher in a new political season: the Empire.

His principality, which lasted more than forty years was the longest that the history of Rome and the Empire would never remember under him reached its maximum expansion extends to the whole of the Mediterranean basin, from Spain to Turkey, the Maghreb, the Greece, Germany.

The end of the civil wars was cleverly presented as a time of peace, prosperity and abundance then became central concepts such as pax, piety, harmony, sung by poets such as Virgil and Horace, and all the intellectuals gathered in the so-called circle of Maecenas.

Rome Scuderie del Quirinale from 18 October 2013 to February 9, 2014